Kellen Of Troy

Kellen of Troy writes songs that hang out in your head like an old friend -- a true songwriter's songwriter.  Let's hope he keeps the cool tunes coming.  We asked him three questions.  Here are his answers:

Who are your biggest musical influences at the moment?

Simon and Garfunkel, Nirvana, Neil Young, Rodolphe Kreutzer, and anything the Wrecking Crew played on.

How often do you write songs?

It depends on the season. I’m not a writer who hits a consistent quota of tunes/month. Usually they come out in bursts of three or four at a time, sometimes with weeks or months of dormancy in between.

As of late I’ve been spending a lot of time on the road playing fiddle, and it’s pretty hard for me to write while traveling. That said, I just finished writing a tune I’m very excited about that will hopefully come out sometime in March.

What was your favorite gig so far?

Last summer me and the boys (and our wives) went down to Seaside Florida to play their summer concert series at the downtown amphitheater. We did a ninety minute set of original tunes, outside in early June, to a lawn full of people, preceded-and-followed by hangs on the beach. It doesn’t get much better than that.