Jess Bishop

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Jess Bishop writes timeless songs for modern souls. Her words are true and her voice is pure -- offering a pleasing and thought-provoking listening experience. We asked her 3 questions. Here are her answers:

Who are your biggest musical influences at the moment?

I grew up listening to artists like John Martyn, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan who I still regularly listen to now. 

I’ve also recently been introduced to some amazing current artists like Sharon Van Etten, Daniel Norgren, Aldous Harding and Nils Frahm. My favourite track to listen to at the moment is ‘Every time the Sun Comes Up’ by Sharon Van Etten. I love the rawness of her lyrics and her vocals are effortless.

What is your songwriting process like?

I used to always write the lyrics to a song first then play around with melodies and chord patterns afterwards but now it’s generally the other way round. I’ll write a chord progression, sing a melody and then the lyrics just seem to flow after that.

I definitely go through seasons with my songwriting where I’ll hate everything I’m writing, which sometimes goes on for months, then a few songs that I’m really happy with will all come at once. This used to really stress me out but I’ve learnt to just accept that I’m having a dry patch and know that it won’t last forever!

Where do you see your music career in three years?

I think it’s really difficult to put a time limit on when you want to achieve certain things but I guess I’d love to be recording my third album, after my second album hopefully being a success, which I am recording this October.

I love playing live so I‘d like to have built a big-enough fan base to be touring internationally as the headline act. Like a lot of artists, one of my ambitions is to play on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.... but three years might be a bit ambitious for that. We shall see! Watch this space :)