Chioke Dmachi

Chioke Dmachi makes exciting pop music that takes you in unexpected directions. Check out "Rain" for a creative sonic experience. We asked Chioke 3 questions about his music and influences.  Here are his answers:

Who are your biggest musical influences at the moment?

Pop music artists have always been my biggest influences. My favorite pop artists have always inspired me to be bold, to be sexy, and to just be me. To obliterate the rules, create my own niche and be my own style. Artists like Prince, Michael Jackson, Janet, Bowie, Beyonce, and Missy Elliot continue to to inspire me with the power of their expression. There is a super long list of brilliant artists that are all a part of the fabric of my creativity.

What is your songwriting process like?

When I least expect it,  I find myself inspired.  My beloved muse visits me whenever and wherever it feels like. It’s 3am I wake up singing a melody and lyrics, fumbling to find my phone to record them into my voice memos. Or it’s the middle of rush hour traffic on the 405 and I’ll find myself bursting with lyrics to write down. 

A very fun part of my songwriting process is working with my songwriting partner Anthony Schubert, a pianist and guitarist.  We have written several songs together Including the songs "BoyZ Don’t Cry" and "Ching Ching" off my  F.L.I. -EP. I will bring to him some lyrics or ideas and we sit and create a song.

On my soon soon to be released project Heartless-Reign, I worked with producer/ singer/ songwriter Sam Symers. He introduced new sounds, and new possibilities to me as songwriter and we experimented collaborating on something magical. The four song EP we’ve just completed was all  conceptually spawned from it's 1st  single “Rain.”

Where do you see your music career in three years?

3 Years from now I see me being in the middle of a successful sold out world tour. I love to make music, I love to perform, and I love travel. I see beautiful Grammys and other beautiful awards with my name on them.  

I see performing on all the stages I’ve ever dreamed of and ones I don’t even know about.  I imagine having opportunities I  never conceived of.  I see myself living and enjoying every moment to the fullest, and just continuing to appreciate the journey life is taking me on towards more of my dreams and wishful thinking becoming real. 

I imagine lots of new music and more good vibes. And to whoever is reading this I hope within the 3 years,  I get to see you at a show. Please say hello.