Studio Legend Hal Blaine Interview (The Beach Boys, Ronettes, John Denver, Roy Orbison)

An interview with legendary studio drummer Hal Blaine of Wrecking Crew fame (The Beach Boys, Dean Martin, Jan and Dean, Simon and Garfunkel).

The Beach Boys' Vocal Microphone and Preamp

How to record like The Beach Boys! The Beach Boys vocal microphone and preamp.

Charlie Puth's Plugins, Keyboards, Synths and Sample Libraries Used On "Attention"

Charlie Puth’s plugins, keyboards, synths, software, and sample libraries used on “Attention” and his bass and drum sound. A list of recording hardware and software used in the recording studio to record and produce his hits.

Charlie Puth's Vocal Microphone And Recording Chain

Charlie Puth’s vocal microphone and recording chain - A list of studio gear and equipment - the audio interfaces, compressor, and preamp used by Charlie Puth in the recording studio to record his hits.

An Interview With Studio Legend Carol Kaye (The Beach Boys, Phil Spector, Simon and Garfunkel)

Legendary bassist Carol Kaye gives an interview on music career advice and talks about her bass playing and studio recording techniques with The Wrecking Crew and legends like The Beach Boys, Quincy Jones, and Simon and Garfunkel.