5 Books By Songwriters From The Fifties


Written using Little Richard's own words, this biography is THE BEST ROCK AND ROLL READ! Crazy, wonderful, and exciting as words get.

He refers to himself as "Richard The Watcher," makes reference to raunchy backstage encounters with Buddy Holly, and uses language that would make a trucker blush. Wild, wild, wild stuff.

Little Richard is the king of Rock and Roll.

Chuck Berry - The Autobiography

Okay, maybe Chuck Berry is the king. Even Little Richard once conceded and gave him credit. This book is an electrifying read for musicians, songwriters, and fans. 

While his words may offend some, Chuck Berry reveals a good deal about his music pioneering and promiscuity.

Chuck duck-walked a shaky line. If you are into the history or lifestyle of rock and roll, this will shake your legs.


Hound Dog - The Leiber and Stoller Autobiography

Leiber and Stoller were the original rock and roll songwriters. True cool cats, they found their way into popular music through the blues.

Elvis may be on the cover, but (spoiler) they didn't care for his cover of "Hound Dog!" In fact, they would probably have been just as happy sticking to their musical roots.

Hound Dog is a blow-by-blow account from the two men who shaped the sound of another King.

Always Magic In The Air - The Bomp and Brilliance Of The Brill Building Era

Okay - this book isn't "by" the songwriters, but it tells the tale of a dominating era of music. It spotlights a whole generation of legends from Leiber and Stoller to Goffin and King.

The Brill era produced songs that are playing on the radio this very moment. Always Magic In The Air offers plenty of lessons and tales for modern music makers.

Read all about what life was like for songwriters before The Beatles.

All I Have To Do Is Dream - The Boudleaux and Felice Bryant Story

Nashville's first professional songwriters. Enough said.

Boudleaux and Felice Bryant shared a timeless love for family and music.  All I Have To Do Is Dream shares their story through interviews and personal photos, sharing memories from the Everly Brothers' hits to their bluegrass standard, "Rocky Top."

In the words of Chet Atkins: "Many of their songs, recorded by the Everly Brothers, greatly influenced the Beatles, who, in turn, influenced the whole world of music."