Studio Legend Hal Blaine Interview (The Beach Boys, Ronettes, John Denver, Roy Orbison)

In our opinion, there is no competition...

Hal Blaine is THE GREATEST DRUMMER in the entire history of rock and roll and popular music.

The only thing brighter than Hal Blaine's career is the blue sparkle on his Ludwig drums! Sure, there were other drummers out there, but no one counted off more classics we love than Hal.

From his famed intro on "Be My Baby," to his echo drenched snare pops with Simon and Garfunkel, Hal Blaine is responsible for many broken steering wheels and dashboards. In other words, if you are banging along to your favorite car-radio tune, there's a good chance Hal is behind that beat.

From strip club gigs to The Wrecking Crew, Elvis, Sam Cooke, The Carpenters, The Beach Boys, The Ronettes, John Denver, Roy Orbison, The Monkees, The Byrds, The Mamas and The Papas, on and on and...

Hal Blaine is everywhere -- clinking an ashtray on a Dean Martin tune, dragging chains alongside Simon and Garfunkel, and making good use of a floor tom with Brian Wilson and the boys. To say he laid the foundational beat for popular music is an understatement.

We asked Hal Blaine 3 questions. He was kind enough to answer:

Should a drummer buy a million snare drums, or will a good Supraphonic get you 99% of the way?

You answered the question!!!!

What's more important in a studio drummer...time or feel?

They are equally important. What does the story (song) call for?

Should everyone go buy a kit from the 60s for that "vintage sound" or are modern day kits where it's at?

Check all of your neighbor's garages. There you will probably find many old drumsets that parents spent a fortune on to give their children the best!!

All of the vintage stuff is in the garages right next door and around the neighborhood. Seriously, they are out there, your local drum shops. Just dust them off and you'll have what you're question is.

Just have fun, gigging or recording!!! Just stay away from any drugs!! They are a one way ticket to your funeral!!!! All the best!! Hal Blaine

>>Wrecking Crew studio footage: check out Hal Blaine's Facebook Page <<