Charlie Puth's Vocal Microphone And Recording Chain

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What Vocal Mic Does Charlie Puth Use?

While most performance credit goes to the singer -- with help from the room, mic preamp, engineer etc. -- it is always fun to know what tools artists use to create music that is widely enjoyed and appreciated.

So what vocal mic does Charlie Puth use?  Well, according to a video interview he gave to Young Hollywood, his typical vocal mic choice is the BLUE KIWI.  It is the microphone he used to record "Marvin Gaye," See You Again," and his "whole album" (Nine Track Mind).

He has been seen with other microphones set up in his studio, like the Shure SM7b and what appears to be a Neumann U47 (appearing around the time of "How Long"), but the Blue Kiwi is the mic he claims is his go-to for vocals -- it is also with him on his tour bus, where he records a lot of his hits.  The Kiwi is also seen in his video for "Attention" and many early YouTube videos.


What Vocal Preamp and Audio Interface Does Charlie Puth Use?

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Charlie said he records a lot on the he road, citing it as  "comfortable, yet uncomfortable...a perfect combination to write a song."  He named Voicenotes after his iPhone -- his "#1 songwriting tool."  He records a lot of material on his phone, then imports it into his Pro Tools sessions.

Charlie has also been spotted in several videos and interviews with a Chandler Limited TG2 EMI Abbey Road Mic Preamp -- a recreation of a popular mic preamp used on The Beatles' Abbey Road and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon.  There is no evidence that he uses this for vocals, but it seems likely (especially since it is linked to his compressor).

As for his audio interface of choice, Charlie seems to favor Universal Audio -- often spotted with an Apollo Twin and an Apollo Rack.

Vocal Compressor

Part of his "Cocktail" is the always popular Universal Audio 1176 compressor.  This is a favorite with pop vocalists because it has a tendency to push vocals forward, bringing the singer closer to the listener.  In videos, he pairs this with his Chandler Limited Preamp.

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Before maxing out your credit:  The equipment above didn't make or break any of Charlie Puth's hits.  They may have helped shape his sonic signature, but his success comes from talent, craft, and determination.  While we cannot guarantee Charlie used this gear exclusively, this list was made based on great interviews he gave with Rolling Stone (here), Young Hollywood (here), and Closer (here).  Sign up for the mailing list to get updates on future vocal chains!