Charlie Puth's Plugins, Keyboards, Synths and Sample Libraries Used On "Attention"

Charlie Puth Studio Plugins Keyboards Synth.png

This is Part 2 of the creative tools and process of Charlie Puth. Check out Part 1 HERE if you missed it. The list below features several audio plugins, software sample libraries, and keyboards seen in videos of Charlie Puth in the recording studio making his hit song "Attention."

Charlie Puth Midi Keyboard, Synth, And Sample Library

On "Attention" he used Kontakt to layer Native Instruments' Scarbee Mark 1 (Pink Playboy) with a Triton Studio Music Workstation and a Juno 60.

Charlie took ET in his home studio and told them the Juno 60 was his first vintage synth. He also said he uses a lot of vintage synths because he prefers to use "the real stuff" as opposed to soft synths. Charlie estimated that he had over 15 keyboards.

Midi was triggered with an M-Audio Code 61 keyboard.

Charlie Puth Drum Sound Plugins

Charlie Puth definitely seems to be a fan of Waves. The following plugins were used as inserts, placed directly on the track. It appears in home studio videos that he uses the built-in Pro Tools EQ and relies heavily on Waves for a lot of his producing and mixing.

oneknob-pumper Charlie Puth.jpg

Snare: EQ3 7-band

"Snare Foot": EQ3 7-band followed by CLA 76

Cowbell: OneKnob Pumper and RVerb

"JnBlnClps" (Perhaps Claps): OneKnob Pumper

"Tin Cans": RVerb

"Tick Tok": OneKnob Pumper


Charlie Puth Bass Sound On "Attention"

Charlie Puth used a bass sample library called Trillian (Retro 60's Full Range). It is a highly respected, realistic sounding bass sample library. It sounds real, but it is actually Charlie playing the bass line on his keyboard.

He had EQ3 7-Band followed by a Waves CLA Bass plugin as an insert on the track.

Charlie Puth Studio Monitors

Charlie told ET that "the two best monitors in the world" in his opinion are his Focals. He pointed to a pair of Focal Trio6 monitors and said he mixed his whole record (Voicenotes) on them.

Check out Charlie Puth's Facebook page for more insight into his creative process.