5 Free Audio Plugins That Rule

Izotope Vinyl

This is the coolest free audio plugin around.  It does as its name suggests and gives your song a record vibe.  The familiar crackle and warped warble that vinyl offers is all in this freebie.  Switching between 1930-2000 is a hoot. Perfect for Raveonettes swagger.

Softube Saturation Knob

If you need some grit, punch, or thickening, this little knob will deliver. Simple. Effective. Sweet. Pair it with Izotope Vinyl and get your Dap-Kings on.

Valhalla Freq Echo

A funky frequency echo and analog echo simulation.  Totally spacey for trippy psychedelic experimentation.  Like Jim James meets Tame Impala.

Camel Crusher


Another nifty tool to fatten or decimate your audio.  Tasty on drums, bass, synth etc. Super useful for electronic music like Pet Shop Boys.

Klanghelm DC1A

This little beauty offers smooth leveling to heavy pumping with a little crunch. It doesn't work on everything, but when it works it is definitely worth the free admission.  Try it on intimate acoustic sources when you get in a Leonard Cohen mood.

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